Beyda Torres, LMHC


Beyda is a licensed mental health therapist, and bilingual in Spanish. She is certificated in addiction treatment, clinical trauma therapy and was trained in L.E.A.P. by Dr. Xavier Amador. She is also a certified ADHD specialist with over 16 years of experience working with individuals of all ages who are dealing with mild to severe mental illness. Her therapeutic approach is integrative and centered around the person, she uses various techniques that is best for her clients. Her emphasis on creating a safe, non-judgmental, and empathic environment is crucial for anyone seeking mental health support. Some of the areas of expertise include adjustment disorders, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, mood disorders, and grief/loss.

Beyda works with individuals ranging from 8 to 60 years of age, and offer both in-person and virtual sessions. She feels no one should be left alone without mental health support. Her goal is work together to end the mental health stigma.