Ayo Akinola, MA, LPC-A

Clinician- Non Licensed Supervised

I recently graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont Texas. ( Summer 2023) with a MA degree in Counseling & Development. I was also a registered nurse with an associate degree in nursing from North Harris /Montgomery Community College in 1998 and have my Bachelor of Science in Health Administration from Texas Southern University.

I believe as human beings that all of us are connected through our life’s experiences and the community each of us finds ourselves. We are all “Unique” and it is that uniqueness that makes us explore what this life means to the individual. My personal philosophy is tied to my personality, my life experiences and beliefs are constantly evolving-meaning I must accommodate the growth within me, not limiting or restrict my talents even though science informed us that our limitations may or can be placed upon us by our childhood experiences, but as we grow older and we evaluate our options changes in our behavior can then be attributed to the growth and we tend to see things in clearer dimensions especially with individual that has zeal for intellectual curiosity.

I too I’m immigrant child. I grew up in Houston migrated with family as a teenager. My theoretical orientation is to serve the clients entrusted to my care. Clients come to therapeutic environment because they feel something is lacking in their individual lives, and clients have the abilities to change if connection and the right therapists are there to guide or motivate them. As a counselor my job is to encourage individual clients and draw the desires out of them. Over the past three years and one year of practicum/Internship I have gained enough knowledge both in psychological theories and conceptual framework to identify my clients need with specific interventions that will help them, knowing fully well that learning is a continuous process.

Finally, my understanding of multicultural competency will enable me to appreciate the diverse population we cater for through knowledge and incorporating cultural competence into the treatment care-decision making in a non-judgmental way. I am married with children.