Aylin Rivera, LMSW


Aylin is a licensed in masters social worker with a clinical background. Aylin graduated from Arizona State University (ASU) with an undergrad in B.S. Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. Aylin graduated from Barrett, the Honors College program with Magna Cum Laude. Aylin worked in the behavioral health industry for six years in multiple levels of care including outpatient, emergency room, inpatient, residential, and respite. Aylin continued their education at ASU, earned their masters in Social Work (MSW), and earned their associate’s license through the State of Arizona BBHE. Aylin specializes in working with children (ages 12-17) and their families. Aylin also works with the young adult population. Aylin has extensive background in working with general mental health including depression, anxiety, grief, adjustment disorders, and more. Aylin is well versed in helping clients work through and heal from past-trauma that is affecting their current state of mine. Aylin utilizes evidence-based approaches that have clinically shown to improve mental and behavioral health. Aylin’s therapeutic approach includes Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Mindfulness. Aylin also enjoys utilizing art therapy and pet-assisted therapy in addition to their clinical approaches.