Austin Jacobsen, MA

Program Manager- Virtual Reality Therapy

Austin believes that we are all searching for our own meaning in life, and that we make our own meaning. Stemming from a person-centered standpoint, Austin believes in meeting people where they are, holding space and walking with clients down their own paths as a guest in their personal journey. He combines an Adlerian and existential framework with cognitive behavioral, EMDR, and solution focused techniques to assist clients in making meaningful changes in their lives, tapping into the client’s inner strengths along the way. Austin also uses revolutionary methods incorporating technology and virtual reality into session.

Austin has experience working in mental health as an ARMHS practitioner, lead field supervisor, and treatment director. Austin specializes in working with clients who have experienced trauma, depression, anxiety, and psychosis, as well as helping clients explore and understand their own sexuality and gender identity. He works collaboratively with clients to help them find meaning in their experiences and relationships, while also teaching valuable life skills to help build stability. 

Outside of work Austin loves listening to and playing music, hanging with his animals, and nerd/geek culture.