Ashley Catlin, MSW


Ashley is a compassionate individual that believes therapy can be hard for an individual to do. Coming to terms with needing help is a very difficult thing to admit and Ashley looks forward to working with clients who have taken that step to continue their journey in growth.

Ashley believes in making the client feel comfortable and safe by making it a relaxing setting with open dialogued conversation.

Most of Ashley’s experience is working with older adults. Ashley has worked with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia and suicidal ideations.

Ashley is open to many approaches as each individual and situation is different and may call for a different approach. Ashley uses strength based approach often since she has worked mostly with adults who have lost most of their independence and don’t feel as though they offer much to anybody anymore.

Outside of work Ashley enjoys spending time with her family. Some of her favorite activities include mountain biking, hiking and reading. She loves humor and uses sarcasm often!