Anikó Lewis, Pre-Licensed LPC


Anikó is a Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor, with a Masters of Science in Counseling from Prescott College, Arizona. She specializes in Clinical Mental Health therapy across the lifespan, and works with clients of all ages.

Anikó’s approach is to celebrate each person’s unique strengths and abilities for change and she believes whole-heartedly in the power of the therapeutic alliance in the process of therapy. Anikó is passionate about how the imagination in our dreams, creative expressions (music, art, writing) and play help us along our healing journeys and help lessen the symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, trauma and loss. Her expertise is in working with a client’s own life stories, dreams, inner guides and intuition to gain insight into self and our relationships.

Prior to joining Ellie Mental Health Anikó ran her own mental health private practice in North Wales, U.K. Anikó was a Humanities high school teacher, theater director and college teacher for many years. Anikó is delighted to bring a holistic and compassionate approach to providing mental health services at Ellie Mental Health. Anikó enjoys writing plays, and working on music with her friends and family, and finding joy in the beauty and inspiration of the natural world.