Anika Stafford, MSEd


Anika excels at empowering her clients to make the changes they need to make to live their best lives, starting with reconnecting with their true selves. Anika strives to use problem-solving skills to assist clients in removing stressors when possible, in addition to teaching the clients skills to help them cope with adversity.

Anika’s approach to counseling is rooted in Adlerian Individual Psychology. Her style is first to discover the root causes of distress, then quickly move out of “problem-focused” talk into “solution talk,” using more cognitive-behavior based techniques such as CBT, DBT, solution-focused or narrative therapies.

Anika works with adolescents, adults, and couples. Anika has certificates in spiritual counseling and holistic health, and loves to integrate spirituality and holistic supports at the client’s request and when appropriate.

Before working at Ellie, Anika was a therapist and ARMHS worker in community-based, in-home settings. She has also worked as a high school counselor for 15 years.

Outside of work, Anika likes to spend time with family, travel down south, meditate, study cultures, and watch (and over-analyze) movies. Anika writes contemporary romance, dystopias, and paranormal fantasy novels in her spare time–she plans to be a published author in the near future!