Andrea DelGiacco, LCSW


Andrea is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker dedicated to supporting individuals in search of acceptance, hope, and healing on this challenging venture called life. Andrea can be an encouraging team member on this journey with you, as you bring the expertise on YOU, and she will meet you with her expertise on mental health issues such as trauma, anxiety, and depression, as well as how to navigate life’s many transitions. With over 15 years of experience in the field of mental health and advanced trauma specialization serving children, families, and adults, Andrea will work with you to create a safe and supportive space to collaborate on finding healthy ways to manage the constant stressors that affect your everyday life at work, school or relationships in a way that is genuine to the person you are while honoring the path you have walked thus far. Andrea enjoys time with family and friends, downtime to read an interesting book, listening to good music, and going to an occasional concert with loved ones.