Amy Behrendsen

Interior Designer

Amy is a seasoned interior designer with over twenty years of experience, practicing design from a place of empathy.  She puts the human psyche at the center of each project. Her approach to good design is to consider the perception of a space from all the senses,and incorporate elements to positively affect psychological behavior. She has been a long-time mental health advocate, and is so grateful to be able to use design to promote well-being at Ellie.   Previous experience includes an emphasis on health care design, space planning, and material/finish selection. Her favorite part of the design process is getting to really know and understand the needs of the people who she is designing space for.  She also enjoys keeping up with the rapid pace of new development in materials and technologies within the design space. When Amy isn’t immersed in work, she is spending time with her teenage boys, creating illustrations for her own line of textiles and wallcoverings, playing piano, and learning Spanish.