Alicia Coleman, LAC


I like to take a flexible yet direct approach. I am real and human with my clients while balancing the knowledge and support needed to guide them through whatever it is they are facing.  I thrive most in crisis and similar situations, but am open to working with a diverse array of clients facing other challenges. I have over 7 years experience, mostly with a CBT, DBT, MI and trauma based focus and have worked with inpatient, outpatient, child, adolescent, and adult clients. I have a sharp clinical intuition and ability to build rapport and healthy relationships with any client population. I am comfortable in connecting with and treating challenging symptoms including clients facing issues such as anger or domestic violence. I am especially interested in working with these populations, and strive to move both the behavioral health and criminal justice arenas forward. I want to help reduce mental health stigma, shame and other negative connotations that come with mental health struggles through positive work with trauma patients, and others who struggle with barriers to access to care.  

Originally from Montana, I have lived in the desert for a couple of decades now, raising my daughter and working to increase the positive impact on my community. I enjoy baking, hiking/being out in nature, reading, writing, and attending live music or comedy shows when I have spare time.