Adam Riffe, MA, LMFT, LADC


“Cut the bullsh*t; let’s get to work.”

Adam is a passionate therapist who is willing to challenge clients to attain their goals while supporting them throughout their process. He encouraged clients to trust their intuition while exploring different ways of finding understanding. He reminds his clients that sometimes we “need to go through the pain to change” but he will be there to help push and encourage them through it.

Adam will be the right therapist for you if: you are looking for someone to encourage you (sometimes push you!) to achieve your mental health goals; you are willing to have your therapist to call you on any bullsh*t.

While direct, Adam tailors his treatment methods to the unique needs of his clients, keeping them at the center of the therapeutic work. He views the world from a systems perspective, and is passionate about helping people recognize how they are influenced by school/work/society/cultural influences and how they in turn influence those systems.

Outside of work, Adam loves to focus on his creative outlets, indulges in nerd stuff (D&D, Marvel, Star Wars, games), and tries to keep his family always laughing at his antics!