Abbie Sonstegard, MS, LADC


Abbie is a compassionate, humanistic therapist with experience and training in trauma and crisis, substance use and other compulsive behavior disorders, and eating disorders counseling. She believes that the therapeutic relationship offers a supportive and safe environment to address mental health concerns. Abbie individualizes treatment to develop personalized skills to help clients meet their goals and function effectively in their day-to-day lives. She is passionate about incorporating expressive arts, interpersonal relationship processing, and CBT-based interventions meant to provide a therapeutic experience that focuses on engaging more body awareness than just talk therapy. Abbie actively includes clients in their treatment to encourage and build motivation, autonomy, responsibility, hope, and self-worth.

Outside of work, Abbie enjoys spending time with her loved ones: family, friends, fiancé, and dog. She prefers the outdoors and is passionate about running, cross-country skiing, and reading in her hammock. However, she is also happy watching movies inside all day long.