Abbie Chen, APCC


Abbie Chen, APCC is a passionate mental health advocate with experience in the service industry and direct client care.  She has experience educating and helping immigrant teens and young adults find employment and assimilate to living in the United States. Abbie uses a client centered approach and works with those dealing with depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, family and relationship issues, and career transitions. Her strength is providing insight on how a client’s personal behavior and attitude can negatively impact their mental well-being and how to establish better boundaries.  Her goal is to help clients reach a point in which they feel empowered to not let the pressure and expectations of others dictate their life decisions any longer. 

Throughout her career, Abbie has encountered many people who feel emotionally isolated and unsupported. As a child of immigrant parents, she knows how lonely it can be to be left alone to learn how to verbalize your feelings, needs, and aspirations only to be met with criticism or to be told it’s “unrealistic”. Abbie strongly believes that education is the pathway to self-development and lack of self-esteem is often blocking people from pursuing their full potential.  As a counselor, she is passionate in helping clients untangle self-limiting beliefs and fears, and to instead lean into their talents and be true to their own dreams.
As a passionate advocate of physical health, Abbie focuses on body movement as a core pillar in improving mental health. You will find her in the gym during her downtime or in the kitchen trying out new nutritious recipes.