Ellie Express First Episode Psychosis (FE-IOP) Program

Your Fast Track to a Healthy Mind 

What Is Ellie Express (FE-IOP)? 

First Episode Psychosis- IOP (FE-IOP) is a 9-week intensive outpatient program for adults experiencing their first episode of psychosis. This program utilizes key concepts from the NAVIGATE program, NAMI, OnTrackNY, and other evidence-based treatment modalities to work towards recovery after an initial episode of psychosis. 

FE-IOP focuses on reduction in symptoms, reduction in substance use, healthy lifestyle choices, and stress management. Clients use these skills to work towards individual goals, often returning to work or school and improving overall functioning.

This program is currently on track to begin in late April/early May

The FE-IOP Program Includes the Following:

Medication Management

Clients meet weekly with a psychiatrist who has expertise in first episode psychosis. Medication is often a useful tool in managing symptoms and improving overall quality of life.

Group Therapy

Client meets 4 days per week for 3 hours per day to participate in group therapy sessions including: process group, skill group and psychoeducation group.

Individual Therapy

Clients meet with an individual therapist weekly to work on individualized treatment goals and for continued support of recovery.

Supported Employment Specialist

Clients meet with a social worker or supported employment specialist to receive resources and support towards to goal of returning to work or school.


Clients who receive medication management services will receive nursing support. This support is available for any medication or symptoms questions between medication management sessions.

Our FE-IOP program meets 4 days per week from 1:00 pm- 4:00 pm (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday). In addition, clients participate in Individual therapy sessions on Mondays.

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