Complex Family Systems Program

Reunification and Co-Parenting Specialized Support 

What Is CFS? 

At Ellie, our Complex Family Systems (CFS) therapists are experienced and acquainted with the various issues involved in working with high levels of conflict within families. CFS therapists have specialized training in order to see Reunification and/or Co-Parenting clients. Our CFS therapists have access to specialized consultations, continuing education courses, and are informed on the latest research regarding Family Court and the treatment of Reunification and/or Co-Parenting Therapy. At Ellie, parents in the CFS program should strive for a relationship in which their joint child or children are free to build a healthy relationship with all parents without threat of interference or negative influence.

Co-Parenting Therapy

Co-Parenting Therapy is designed to help parents put aside their anger and hurt with one another and move in a forward direction. Rather than being controlled by what has happened in the past, co-parents are able to find a balance in their lives while remaining the best parents that they can be with a common goal of tending to the well-being of their child(ren). Co-Parenting Therapy assists in reducing conflict, improving communication, and implementing helpful parenting strategies.

Reunification Therapy

Reunification Therapy works to repair relationships between parents and children in order to bring balance back to the family system. Reunification Therapy is often court ordered. We involve all parents and require that they work together to provide a unified message to their child(ren). Reunification Therapy is designed to assist in healing and repairing relationships and increase trust between parent and child(ren) and support healthy communication between co-parents.

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